Best Small Fold Down Ironing Board Reviews

An ironing board is a necessary accessory that is used together with iron to press or ironing clothes, fabrics or other textiles. Ironing is part of the regular household chores that have to be done, whether you like it or not. It is because of this that having a great ironing board is critical especially if ironing is not one of your hobbies. Having a great ironing board can reduce the hate you may have for ironing or even turn it into one of your hobbies. No matter the size of the space available, every home should have an ironing board. There are numerous types of ironing boards. There are big as well as small ironing boards for those small spaces. The ironing board options for small areas as well as small laundry rooms include slide-out models, compact folding models, and drop-down models. Here is the best small drop-down ironing boards review.


1. Honey Can Do Over-the-Door Ironing Board


This ironing board is perfect for small spaces as it easily hooks to the back of any standard door. Made by Honey-can-do, this ironing board will help you keep your room neat and organized always. When you are ready to use, fold it down and then when you are done, you fold it up. It easily fits into any apartment, kitchen or office. With this board, you can say goodbye to the wrinkled pants.

To protect your door, the board features cushion bumpers. It also folds up and down quickly and locks securely when it is in a vertical position, so you don’t have to worry about accidents. Also, this ironing board has a steel frame that is rust resistant, and it features a 7mm foam pad and cover that is 100% cotton.



  • A lock which holds the board securely when it is folded up
  • Cushion bumpers that protect your door
  • A rust-resistant steel frame
  • A 7mm foam pad with a 100% cotton cover


  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Quick storage
  • Hangs over any standard door
  • Lightweight hence portable


  • Not entirely stable
  • No floor support bar
  • Banging noises when opening or closing the door
  • Very thin cover


2. Eureka MFG Wall Mounted Ironing Board


This is another ironing board that is great for small spaces. In fact, regarding saving space, this ironing board made by Eureka MFG is even better as it allows you to mount it on any wall or mounting ground. Unlike the previous ironing board, this one does not wobble when in use so you can comfortably iron your clothes. Also, it has a flat surface for a pleasant and smooth ironing experience. With this one, you can say goodbye to the wobbly iron board legs that were not secure. Due to its nature, this ironing board can be used practically anywhere, be it in your walk-in wardrobes, utility rooms, kitchens, hallways or apartments.

Its space-saving efficiency and functionality are unrivaled. Some of its amazing features include a metallic silver iron board cover, a built-in iron rest for you to place your iron box as you are ironing, as well as a durable design of high quality. Installing this ironing board is also easy.



  • A fixing wall plate coated with black powder
  • A built-in iron rest
  • A single click release mechanism for easy use
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Very stable
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Supplied when fully assembled
  • Built-in iron rest


  • No floor support bar

3. Homz Over-the-Door Ironing Board


Homz has made this ironing board that can be used by merely mounting it against any standard door. Installing this board is easy, and no tools are required during the installation. It features a cotton cover that is 100% cotton, as well as a foam pad that is thick enough. Additionally, this board has bumpers that protection to your door, so you won’t have to worry about your door getting unnecessary scratches.

For an easy folding down or up, this board has a patented locking system. It also features a bonus set of two dryer balls that are 2-in-1, that tumble clothes while holding the dryer sheet securely in place. For an improved flow of the steam, this ironing board features a mesh top on its surface. It is made in the USA by Homz.


Homz Over-the-Door Ironing BoardFeatures

  • Slim design. It has a semi-tapered head and a generally sleek design that takes up little o no space as you tackle through your garments. It is perfect for pants, skirts, and shirts.
  • 100% cotton cover and a thick foam pad
  • Over-the-door hooks of a jumbo size that not only protect your laundry room or closet doors from the damage that may occur during ironing but also adds to the shape detail.
  • A patented locking system for easy folding up or down


  • Assembly is not necessary
  • Quick and easy storage because it falls flat over any standard door
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Nice padding
  • Very easy to install
  • Good quality and price


  • The surface is not thick enough



So there you have them, three of the best ironing boards that are specially designed for small spaces. So now living in a small space is no longer an excuse for you to go around with a wrinkled shirt, skirt or pant.

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