Best Small Pull Out Ironing Board Review

Most people don’t like ironing which is probably the reason why there so many clothes which boast of being wrinkle resistant or wrinkle-free nowadays. With all these textile innovations, you might consider purchasing an ironing board as a waste of money. Besides the excuse of money sounds like a pretty good excuse especially for people who are inherently lazy. Check out our best small slide out ironing boards review.

Well the textile innovations maybe good news for people who dislike ironing, however, there are still a lot of clothes which require ironing. Besides, the feeling you get from freshly pressed clothes brings about a sense of satisfaction that even those who don’t like ironing can’t resist. Furthermore, newly pressed clothes gives makes you feel like you are looking your best.

Just like any other household chore, the secret to success with ironing is having the right tools for the job. An ironing board is a tool that is used when ironing. The ironing boards make the process of ironing easier and more efficient. Below are two of the best slide-out ironing boards that are perfect for small spaces.


1. Rev-A-Shelf CIB Series Ironing Board


This ironing board made by Rev-A-Self has ironed out the inconveniences that result from setting up and storing that big ironing board by introducing its cab Series. The frame of this board features an expandable frame that can be mounted easily in between the panels. Also, the fixed brackets allow an easy mounting of all drawer fronts of standard size.

The board has a chrome finish as well as a unique ball-bearing slide system which provides over travel for the best utilization. To use the ironing board, open it until the gravity lock engages, and then unfold it and you are set to iron.

Rev-A-Shelf CIB Series Ironing Board

• Fixed brackets that allow easy mounting on all standard door fronts
• A 150lb full-extension ball bearing slide system
• A cover
• Mounting hardware


• Easy to install
• Easy to store
• Durable


• None noted


2. Iron-A-Way Deluxe Ironing Center


Made by Iron-A-Way, this ironing center features a standard 42-inch foldaway ironing board that is in a fixed position. Also, it also features premium electrical features. For instance, it is powered by a sixty-minute motor timer and features an electrical Outlet that allows you to store the iron plugged in addition to allowing you to connect directly to the unit.

It also features a cord wrap which helps you avoid the tangles that come from ironing by holding the extra length of cord, securely in place thereby allowing the iron to move around the board without any snags. It also features a premium sized storage area for storing hot iron so you can safely place your hot iron there once you are done the ironing.


• Solid ventilated steel is what this ironing board is made of
• Rigid support with brackets custom design for ironing
• 35% cotton and 65% polyester surface
• Premium sized hot iron storage
• Electrical raceway with a 60-minute motor timer
• Automatic disconnect switch
• Cord wrap, garment bar and extra storage shelf
• Work light and electrical receptacle


• No cord tangling during ironing
• Easy to use
• Storage area for clothes
• A place to keep the hot iron
• Works great


• Pricey compared to other ironing boards in the market



Hopefully, the above reviews have offered you the information you needed as you consider purchasing a proper ironing board. The ironing boards reviewed here are not only convenient, but they will surely make you fall in love with ironing.

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