Addis Shirtmaster Ironing Board Review

The Addis Shirtmaster ironing board is ergonomically crafted to make shirts ironing quicker; in particular, a doddle to all way to the large rounded rectangular shaped ends. Large rounded square facet ironing floor a hundred twenty-five x 41cm makes it perfect for larger gadgets like bedding, sheets, skirts in addition to everyday apparel. Robust leg creation with anti-slip ft. unlike other,  Addis Shirtmaster ironing board comes with locking leg safety trap, hard mesh ironing floor for green steam ironing, four top adjustable as much as 93cm. It’s made of 100% cotton cover with the high-density foam base. Replacement covers are available. The designer made this tool minding its usability. Primarily based in the United Kingdom, they’ve 237 12 months vintage records of design, manufacture as well as the supply of housewares. The ADDIS logo nonetheless standouts nowadays, as it has for previous generations, for price, first-rate, and innovation.

The Addis Shirtmaster ironing board is a board for everybody who wears shirts; the board is straightforward with intuitive design. It’s high-quality for large appliances such as steam generators and could give you a bit more area to paintings with, allowing you to iron great blouse results easily.


Why is Addis Shirtmaster Ironing Board the best?


Breeze through your ironing with the ergonomically designed Shirtmaster from houseware specialists Addis.


It features specific rounded rectangular edges, giving you a bigger floor vicinity to paintings with that aids in making all your ironing quicker. Because it’s been made mainly for ironing shirts, it enhances accuracy and perfection when ironing shirts.


This iron table comes with 4 different adjustable heights of 93cm. Besides that, it has anti-slip feet, which means you can use it very comfy on tough flooring. It has to lock leg protection, which prevents it from collapsing whenever you are stored. Topped with a 100% cotton cowl, a heavy -density foam base as well as metallic mesh surface underneath it.


It is a splendid ironing board for all the people who wear a shirt plus paintings. It is excellent for large appliances which include steam turbines and will provide you with a touch more area to work with, permitting you to iron substantial blouse effects.


Addis Shirtmaster Ironing Board features


The progressive layout of the ironing board permits the entire side of a blouse to be ironed in one pass – from collar to tail.


It has Large ironing floor plus rounded corners useful resource quicker ironing of laundry & makes ironing shirts, mattress linen as well as other features.


  • It has an adjustable peak.
  • Non-slip toes.
  • Ironing board cowl tool that is washer-friendly.
  • Length whilst open H93, W125, D41cm.
  • Folded peak 125cm.
  • Size of ironing surface L125, W41cm.
  • Running top 79 to 93cm.
  • Appropriate for irons and steam turbines.
  • Weight 5.9kg.
  • Manufacturer’s 10 12 months assure.
  • It comes with the depth: 65 MM
  • peak: 1600 MM
  • The material used in making it: metallic / Plastic / Cotton
  • the particular design for fast ironing
  • It is a family length iron board
  • It is durable and the best for regular use
  • This board has an Ironing surface of approximately 125x41cm
  • It has stretchy legs with anti-slip toes
  • It also has four top flexibles up to 93cm
  • 100% Cotton cowl



Iron boards aren’t iron board as you may like to put it. There is more into a good iron board.  More so lots of people say that iron boards are the same, NO! You might be, all the boards differ in design and height. As per the article, you have noticed that Addis Shirtmaster Ironing Board comes in handy with an exceptional feature which renders it unique and functional in a different situation. It is a board that you can recommend to any buyer.