Best Cheap Ironing Boards Under $20

So many clothes nowadays are wrinkle free because they are made using fabrics that are wrinkle resistant. With all the innovations in textiles, buying an iron box, let alone an ironing board, might actually feel like a waste of money. Nowadays many people use the textile innovations as an excuse to not annoying their clothes. You can check out the best ironing boards under 20 if you are looking for a cheap option.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of clothing if not materials such as bed sheets and curtains that still need ironing. Even for those who dislike ironing, there is always that sense of satisfaction once you put on a freshly pressed garment. Freshly pressed clothes can make anyone feel like they are looking their best. Because ironing is a chore that cannot be avoided, you need to have something that can help you make this chore easier and that is an ironing board. If money is what you are worried about, do not worry as the following are some of the best ironing boards that you can own for less than $20.


1. Household Essentials 120001 Small Tabletop Sleeve Ironing Board


Perfect for shirts, this ironing board by Household Essentials ensures that those difficult sleeves are perfectly ironed. Its tapered head and slim design ensure that no garment is left poorly ironed. It is the perfect companion to the classic iron box. Its folding legs that are flat can practically fit anywhere. You can use it at home, in your dorm or carry it with you when traveling.

This board is made of steel with a mini steel mesh ironing board for perfect ironing of those small areas like the creases, sleeves, and corners. It is the perfect companion for those who want their collars, quilters, and sleeves to look perfect. Storing it is no stress as it easily folds up to 1.5 inches for flat storage either in your apartment, home or dorm. It covers is made of 100% cotton and it features no-scuff leg caps that protect table surfaces.

Household Essentials 120001 Small Tabletop Sleeve Ironing BoardKey Features

  • 100% cotton cover
  • Folds up to 1.5 inches for flat storage
  • Mini steel mesh top
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Safe for steaming



  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for steam
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Works great



  • Not a full-size ironing board
  • Unsuitable for larger garments
  • No padding


2. Household Essentials Steel Table Top Small Ironing Board


This ironing board lets you have a perfectly pressed attire without having to go theory the fuss of having to drag it out and set it up before using it. It is perfect for grab and goes, whether you are an expert in ironing or a novice. In addition, it can be stored literally anywhere because of its compact size, be it under the bed, between the washer and the dryer or behind the door. It features an over-the-door hook so you can hang it behind the door.

The cotton cover made of 100%cotton ensures that the smoothness and clean look of your clothes are not sacrificed when you are using this board. This board is perfect for any small space where an ironing board can be stored like the office, apartment or dorms. You will stay sleek and effortlessly sophisticated as you wear your freshly pressed garments all courtesy of your table top ironing board.

Household Essentials Steel Table Top Small Ironing Board

Key Features

  • Compact collapsible design
  • Over-the-door hook
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Steel mesh mini ironing board



  • Space-saving
  • Matte-free ironing space
  • Easy to unfold
  • Locks in place
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for small apartments
  • Good quality



  • Poor cover
  • Thin padding


3. Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board with Scorch Resistant Cover


This ironing board features a durable steel mesh top and vented holes which enhance steam flow to remove the wrinkles much faster. For easy hanging of your clothes, this board also has a retractable hook that you can use when not ironing. For compact storage, its steel legs fold flat so you can store it effortlessly. Once you buy it, you won’t need to assemble it before using it. It features a scorch resistant cotton cover as well as a foam pad. This board is perfect for tiny spaces, travel and quick touch-ups.

Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board with Scorch Resistant Cover


  • Steel legs that fold flat
  • No-skid protectors
  • Scorch-resistant cotton cover and a foam pad
  • Retractable hook
  • Vented holes which enhance the steam flow



  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy
  • Ease to use
  • Very reliable



  • Flimsy, not sturdy enough
  • Iron board fabric easily rips
  • Cover too thin


4. Camco Folding Ironing Board- Easily Folds for Convenient Storage After Each Use Perfect for Traveling, RVs and Campers


If you are planning to go camping then this ironing board is the one for you. This is because storing this ironing board is so easy to store as you only need to fold it to store it. It also features a chrome-wire iron rest so you can iron your clothes comfortably without having to worry about your safety or your clothes’ safety.

Made by Camco, this ironing board measures 32 inches by 12 inches when set up. Its fabric cover is of great and is small and easy to use. For easy storage, the board folds up to 16 inches by 12 inches for easy storage.

Camco Folding Ironing Board- Easily Folds for Convenient Storage After Each Use Perfect for Traveling, RVs and Campers

Key Features

  • Sturdy chrome-wire iron rest
  • Foldable legs
  • Pressed bard top
  • Quality fabric cover



  • Non-slippery surface
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Portable



  • Iron rest is awkwardly angled


5. Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover- Resists Scorching and Staining


This ironing board features silicone coating on its cover which prevents staining and scorching. This board outlasts similar boards’ covers that do not have the scorch-resistant Epical silicone coating. Furthermore, with this board, coverslips will be a thing of the past because its cover is made to perfectly fit it year in year out. This is because if features Velcro straps and elasticized edges to give you that secure, non-slip fit.

What’s even better about this ironing board is that it reflects heat thereby fastening your ironing. This is due to the ingenious silver silicone surface that reflects the heat so you can get your clothes ironed in the shortest time possible.

Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover- Resists Scorching and Staining

Key Features

  • Heavy duty padding
  • Silicone coating
  • Velcro straps and elasticized edges for a non-slip fit
  • 2 Year Warranty



  • Excellent padding
  • Very smooth cover
  • Easy to use
  • Faster ironing
  • Durable
  • Cover fits perfectly



  • The cover tears fast
  • Not suitable for delicate materials
  • Pressing surface is not flat enough



To ensure that your ironing board lasts longer, take care not to spill any water on top of it as you fill your iron box with water. The spilled water will only cause the cotton material used to make the cover to deteriorate or even discolor when other particles in the water or metals come into contact with it. Also, always ensure your iron is in a standing position whenever you place it on top of your ironing board.

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